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Ocean Alliance

Ocean Alliance's mission is to increase public awareness of the importance of whale and ocean health through research and public education. They work with scientific partners to collect a broad spectrum of data on whales and ocean life. 

Tens of thousands of whales are killed or injured every year as a direct or indirect result of human activities. The health of ocean ecosystems is tied directly to the health of whales. If we continue to lose whales, the results will be disastrous not just for the oceans, but for our entire planet.

Spirit Bear Coffee Company helps fund the purchase and construction of new drones (called "SnotBots"), expeditions into the field to collect samples, and data analysis and dissemination through the sales of our Orca Dark Roast Coffee. 

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northern lights wildlife shelter spirit bear coffee company

Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

The Northern Lights Wildlife Society is dedicated to give injured and/or orphaned wildlife a second chance at survival.

The Spirit Bear Coffee company has committed funds to care in the Rescue, Rehab, and Release program for the orphaned bear cubs of any species.

We have also committed funds to the purchase of a GPS Collar for the upcoming release of “Clover”, a Kermode Cub (Spirit Bear Cub). This collar will aid in the research of his release and rehabilitation back into his natural homelands. From this we hope to learn many things about his movements, territory, and survival.

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spirit bear coffee company kamloops wildlife sanctuary clover bear

Kamloops Wildlife Sanctuary

The Park is home to one male kermode bear named Clover. Clover came to the Park as an orphan cub in 2012.

The British Columbia Wildlife Park is a 106-acre zoo located in Kamloops, British Columbia. The British Columbia Wildlife Park is an accredited member of the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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bear clan patrol inc spirit bear coffee company

Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

It came about as a result of the ongoing need to assume our traditional responsibility to provide security to our Aboriginal community. Given that the Aboriginal population in Winnipeg is anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000, and is heavily concentrated in certain inner city neighborhoods, it was felt that the community must organize to keep the peace and to assist community members.

The concept behind the patrol, then, is community people working with the community to provide personal security in the inner city in a non-threatening, non-violent and supportive way. The Patrol operates out of the Ndinawe Youth Drop In located in the city’s north end.

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Life Sport Canada


Building upon 16 years of success as the First Nations Snowboard Team, our membership and their communities have driven the next evolution of our non-profit. They are no longer a competitive team, instead, they are focused on unstructured sports and activities that benefit the mental health and physical well-being of their members. These are sports that don't require a team or practice date so we can minimize barriers to participation and introduce their members to activities that help them cope with their daily lives and their shared inter-generational trauma.

ILSA provides year-round programming, free access to training/certification programs and the opportunity to learn a lifelong sport, in a safe place, with other indigenous sport leaders.

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