The Development Of

Smudge Certified

Smudging is a cultural ceremony practiced in different ways by many Indigenous peoples globally. The practice of smudging is at heart a cleansing ceremony, allowing the participant to be spiritually cleansed and re-grounded to Creation.

By ensuring that all Spirit Bear Coffee Co. products are Smudge Certified, we are committed to our principles, and customers of Spirit Bear Coffee Company know they are supporting products that align with these principles.

Spirit Bear Coffee Company has developed its own unique a set of product values, which taken together become our “Smudge Certified” designation.

We believe in the principle of “Food is Medicine” and ensuring that all Spirit Bear Coffee
Company products are fairtrade and sustainably sourced, while supporting and promoting Indigenous and other
traditional foods for Indigenous reconciliation across Turtle Island.

All Spirit Bear Products Meet the Following 7 Criteria

1. All food products are sourced in an ecologically sustainable manner.

2. All food products are sourced, wherever possible, from Indigenous-owned suppliers.

3. All food products that are not sourced from Indigenous-owned suppliers are considered traditional Indigenous foods (plants, fish, game).

4. All partner entities are committed to the principles of reconciliation.

5. All partner entities are committed to corporate social responsibility.

6. All food products are labelled accurately and transparently.

7. All food products meet accepted food standards and practice for the jurisdiction.

Spirit Bear Coffee Company operates under the “Seven Grandfathers” values, which are Indigenous teachings or gifts applied to our business practices. These are among the most sacred laws and guiding principles we have.

Wisdom: to listen to the answers of questions asked and those not asked

Love: a passion for what we do

Respect: for those on their journey although their path may be different to ours

Bravery: to explore other ways

Humility: to reflect upon our decisions made and correct our mistakes

Honesty: to judge ourselves and actions first

Truth: gives us our strength.