Fundraising with Spirit Bear Coffee

Empower your cause with organic, fair trade coffee!

Great for sports teams, music programs, martial arts clubs, schools and more. 


How Our Fundraising Works:

  1. Apply to be a Fundraiser on our 1 Nation Distribution website
  2. Once approved, collect Orders and Payments: Sell our premium coffee at $20/400g bag and $20/24 pods to your supporters.
  3. Place Your OrderLogin at 1 Nation Distribution and order at our special rate of $10/400g bag and $10/24 pods (plus 15% administration fee).
  4. Maximize Your Profits: Selling just 10 bags gives you a $100.00 profit!

For more details, check our Community Fundraising PDF.


Why Spirit Bear Coffee?

We are more than just coffee. At Spirit Bear Coffee Company, we’re rooted in promoting social initiatives and environmental consciousness. Purchasing our organic fair trade coffee aids causes close to our heart such as Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, OWL Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, and more. Plus, as a proud Indigenous-owned business, we support our coffee bean farmers through organic farming and fair trade premiums. We're members of Indigenous Tourism BC, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, and more.

Drum Circle Sustainability

The ancient drum behind our Spirit Bear Coffee and Drum Circle Sustainability logos symbolizes awareness and communication. We believe in balance, where every element in our circle – Quality, Ecology, Equity, and Community – plays an integral role. Every action we take, every product we develop, resonates with the circle of life.

Awaken Your Spirit...Naturally!

Each cup of Spirit Bear Coffee is a blend of dedication, quality, and passion. Using only 100% high-grown Arabica beans, our Roast Master, an industry-recognized Q-grader, ensures that each batch delivers the rich flavour you desire.


Our Compostable Pod Journey

We value Mother Earth. Since 2006, we’ve celebrated the essence of Spirit Bear Coffee. Witnessing the rise of single-serve coffee pods, we took a stand against the environmental burden. In 2018, we introduced our 100% compostable coffee pod, leading the charge in sustainable coffee consumption. And our journey for a greener future continues.



Ready to Boost Your Fundraising?

  1. Apply to fundraise with Spirit Bear Coffee Company
  2. Fill out our application on the 1 Nation Distribution website.
  3. Upon approval, sign in at 1 Nation Distribution to begin your fundraising journey.