Spirit Bear Coffee Company co-founder, Paul Biglin

In Loving Memory of Paul Biglin

Paul Biglin was one of the co-founders and co-presidents of Spirit Bear Coffee Company. He was the heart and soul of this business. Passionate about family, friends, and our four-legged friends. Paul’s love for coffee came from the realization that great things can come from people meeting up for a cup of coffee. Connecting with others was important to him, but not just on a superficial level. When he asked how you’re doing, he really wanted to know how you were doing. Paul was well known for his big heart and generous spirit. He was always ready to offer the shirt off his back to anyone in need.

Spirit Bear Coffee Company is Paul Biglin’s legacy. He is the reason why we give back to organizations like Ocean Alliance and the Northern Lights Wildlife Society. Paul believed that we should leave the world better off than when we arrived in it. He did just that. Paul Biglin touched the lives of many. His favourite phrase was “Naut’sa Mawt” which means “together, with open mind and open heart”. He lived true to that phrase every single day and Spirit Bear Coffee Company will continue to do so.