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Drum Circle Sustainability

Behind our Spirit Bear logo you will see a drum. Since ancient times, the drum has been used as a form of communication to bring awareness and communicate.

With the development of coffee pods, in our work and our lives, we seek to honour a commitment to Drum Circle Sustainability therefore blending: Quality, Ecology, Equity & Community.

A circle represents balance, where each element is interconnected, interdependent and essential to realize our vision. Every- thing we do comes back to us with lasting effects on ourselves and future genera- tions, this has also been referred to as “full circle or circle of life”.

Awaken Your Spirit...Naturally!

A good cup of coffee may seem decep- tively simple, but a lot of hard work goes into making it a reality. It comes down to choosing exactly the right beans, then carefully roasting and blending them. We only use 100% Ara- bica, high-grown coffee beans.

Each shipment of green coffee beans is different, which means they have to be individually tested and judged for aro- ma, flavour, and mouth-feel. This is a process called “cupping,” which is per- formed by the Roast Master. Our Roast Master is part of a select group of ac- tive licensed Q-graders (an industry designation) in Canada. He oversees the roasting of every batch to ensure every cup of Spirit Bear Coffee delivers the superb flavour you expect.

We’re passionate about coffee and we won’t settle for anything less than the very best.

Our Compostable Pod Journey

Since 2006, we’ve been roasting, packag- ing and selling premium coffees as Spirit Bear Coffee Company, an Indigenous owned and operated company. When we saw the growing popularity of single- serve coffee pods we were concerned about the amount of garbage generated. (Over 10 billion single-serve capsules will be purchased this year.) That’s why we decided to introduce compostable pods, a better developed product for consum- ers and the Mother Earth. We set out to joint venture with those with similar ide- als and create the most sustainable sin- gle-serve coffee available, without sacri- ficing taste or our environment. In 2018, we launched our 100% compostable coffee pod.

However, the journey’s not over. We’re working hard to ensure compostable plastics (our pod and other items like cutlery, take-out containers and even those green bag liners) are accepted in your municipal green bins.