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Bear Bundle

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20oz Travel Mug (Color)
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Dive into a journey of taste and tradition with our Bear Bundle! This beautiful collection is thoughtfully crafted for true Spirit Bear enthusiasts so you can experience the charm of Indigenous coffee and cuisine favorites.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious spirit of the Spirit Bear, a symbol of peace for all earth's creatures, as you discover the delectable contents:

  • 20oz Travel Mug: This classy, double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel travel mug is perfect for savoring your favorite coffee on-the-go. In addition, it includes a transparent, spill-proof, twist-off lid.
  • Our Sampler Pack: Experience the diverse range of our most cherished coffee blends. This includes our  Orca Dark Roast, Eagle Medium Roast, Frog Breakfast Blend, and Thunderbird Dark French blends. Each 70g pack is finely ground for drip machines or pour over, promising 12 cups of coffee excellence.
  • Wabanaki Maple Syrup Trio: This collection of 3 bottles (100ml each) features Wabanaki's signature brand of barrel-aged maple syrup in an array of distinct flavors.
  • Mr. Bannock Classic Bannock Mix: Embrace the joy of baking or frying your own bannock! With the authentic ingredients used by Mr. Bannock's renowned food truck.
  • Bear-scotti Cookie: This scrumptious on-the-go treat perfectly complements your chosen coffee brew.
  • A Milk Chocolate Square: Indulge in a square of 100% Callebaut milk chocolate, lovingly wrapped in a beautiful teal foil.

Share the gift of the Bear Bundle, uniting the captivating world of Indigenous coffee and cuisine in one enchanting package.

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