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Founders Of Spirit Bear Coffee Company

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Mr. Bill Helin

Bill is a Tsimshian / Norweigan artist, wood carver, jeweler, children’s book writer / illustrator and designer. Bill has focused on the Traditional Tsimshian art of his Fathers ancestry since 1980 and has created thousands of Love Rings and Wearable Art ever since. Some of his accomplishments include designing the patch worn by astronauts on the U.S. space shuttle Columbia in 1996, Astronaut patch for Bob Thirsk his 2011 ISS 6 month mission and the carving of the “world’s largest” (192 foot tall) totem pole known as the Spirit of Lekwammen, carved for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria to symbolize unity amongst all Tribes and Nations of the world.

Artistic Genius
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Mr. Sean Harding

Co-President. Sean grew up in the Cree culture of Alberta. Sean’s mother danced in the traditional dances and pow wows, at the age of 16, his beliefs developed and later grew deep into the history of the Star peoples and the 13 moons. Being brought in by notable Cree families such as the Derieu’s, Cochrane’s and the Calihoo’s Sean learned the values of a strong work ethic. His experience in the culture and teachings throughout his formulative years influences his business acumen to this day. Sean has a 32-year history in world commodity logistics and spent 13 years as a General Manager with the Jordan Company of Canada, a third-party weighmaster and logistics specialist located at Nabob Coffee. He then transitioned into horticulture controls, management, and Greenhouse Supplies. In 2006, Sean then co-founded Spirit Bear Coffee Company, Canada’s first national Indigenous owned coffee company. Spirit Bear Coffee is now a national “super-premium” brand (meaning 100% organic & Fair Trade) serving over 550 locations across Canada to date. Sean then went on to co-found with Paul 1Nation Distribution, a national distribution company. With powerful negotiating skills, Sean’s “Strategic Partners” include the likes of Chrysler Canada. Sean’s most recent successes include negotiating with various First Nation communities encouraging commerce and trade.

He Loves Coffee
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Mr. Paul Biglin

Co-President. Paul has over 30 years of experience in Food & Beverage and Marketing Communications with both, retail and direct sales. He also comes with 6 years of public relations experience with an OTC public company. Paul also is the co-founder of Spirit Bear Coffee Company and 1Nation Distribution. Paul began his working career on the farm preparing fruits, veggies, and honey for farmers markets. His love of foods led him into the kitchens in Europe where he returned to Canada as a “City In Guilds” certified Chef. Paul spent the last 13 years of his cooking career owning his own catering firm specializing in events from 100 to 5000. The last 5 of the 13 years he was working with Culinary Team Canada. Paul is responsible for providing executive leadership and management of the Company’s marketing organization and in-bound and out-bound marketing activities worldwide, which include: Corporate marketing, partner/channel marketing, product marketing, and product management. His goal is to position their companies in the various niche markets and as a visionary leader to achieve its revenue goals aka “indigen-omics”, thus sharing the philosophy to our First Nations communities.

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