Otter - Decaffeinated Coffee

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Otter has a sense of humor and enjoys fun and games. He is carefree and brightens gloomy days. This happy fellow never takes anything seriously. This decaffeinated dark roast coffee will brighten your coffee quest without keeping you up all night.

Portion Pack/Bag Size Cups of Coffee (8 oz)
2.5 oz (71 g) 10
12 oz (340 g) 50 
1 kg (2.2 lbs) 144
6 kg (13.2 lbs) 864

Standard Cup

Coffee shall exhibit a brew strength, measured in Total Dissolved Solids, of 11.5 to 13.5 grams per liter, corresponding to 1.15 to 1.35 “percent” on the SCAA Brewing Control Chart, resulting from a solubles extraction yield of 18 to 22 percent.

Brewing Best Practices

Coffee-to-Water Ratio: To achieve the Golden Cup Standard, the recommended coffee-to-water ratio is 55 g/L ± 10%. Coffee Preparation Temperature: To achieve the Golden Cup Standard, water temperature, at the point of contact with coffee, is recommended to fall between 200°F ± 5° (93.0°C ± 3°).