Awaken Your Spirit...Naturally

More Than Just a Coffee Company

We drink a lot of coffee around here. So it's got to be great. We start with a strictly hard bean, high-grown organic fair-trade Arabica beans that are craft-roasted to bring out the optimum flavor profile for each blend.

Who We Are

Since 2006 Spirit Bear Coffee Company has been sourcing and craft-roasting some of the finest organic and fair-trade coffee in the world. At coffee origins in South America we support the health of our farmers through organic farming methods and ensure that they are paid fairly via fair-trade premiums. 

Raven - Espresso Frog - Breakfast Blend Coffee Eagle - Medium Roast Coffee Orca - Dark Roast Coffee Thunderbird - Dark French Roast Coffee

Coffee Blends

At Spirit Bear Coffee we have a blend for all coffee lovers. Whether you need a kick in the pants from the Raven Espresso, a subtle pick-me-up with the Eagle medium roast or a relaxing wind-down with our Dolphin Decaf.... We know you'll love it!