Frog - Breakfast Blend Coffee

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Meet breakfast’s new best friend! Frog is roasted on the lighter side for a smooth start to your day. However, don’t confuse light with weak, this organic and fairtrade blend of Central and South American beans is bursting with a juicy acidity, hints of citrus and a bright finish. Guaranteed to get you hopping!

Did you know that frogs are disappearing at alarming rates across the globe? Some scientist believe the loss of frogs is one of the first signs that an ecosystem is in trouble. Small changes can make a big difference. That’s why we purchase only organic and rainforest alliance certified coffees for our roasts. Less chemical pesticides means better wetlands and habitats where frogs and other delicate species live.

NOTE: As a standard we ship full beans to keep your coffee as fresh as possible. If you prefer to have your coffee ground, please let us know if the “Order Note” section at check out.

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