Types of Coffee Roasts: From Light to Dark

Types of Coffee Roasts: From Light to Dark

Coffee roasting is a crucial step in the coffee-making process. It involves applying heat to green coffee beans to transform them into the aromatic and flavourful beans we know and love. One fascinating aspect of coffee roasting is the wide range of roast levels, each offering a unique flavour profile. In this blog, we will explore the different types of coffee roasts, from light to dark, and discover the characteristics and brewing tips for each roast level.

Light Coffee Roasts

Light coffee roasts are known for their light brown colour and delicate flavour profile. Roasted for a shorter duration, light roasts allow the natural flavours of the coffee beans to shine through. Light roasts often exhibit bright acidity, floral and fruity notes, and a lighter body. When brewing light roasts, it's best to use methods like pour-over or drip brewing to highlight their subtle flavours. 

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One of our popular light roast blends is the Frog Breakfast Blend. This lighter roast blend offers a vibrant and refreshing cup of coffee to start your day. Made with a combination of Latin American coffees, our Frog Breakfast Blend is a wise choice for your early morning cup. And for those looking for an extra pep in their step, it has the highest caffeine content in the Spirit Bear Coffee lineup. Whether you prefer a pour-over or a drip brewing method, the Frog Breakfast Blend is sure to awaken your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Medium Coffee Roasts

As we progress to medium coffee roasts, we observe a deeper brown colour and a fuller body. Medium roasts boast a robust flavour profile characterized by a balance of rich caramelization and the coffee's inherent qualities. These roasts have a slightly lower acidity compared to medium roasts, and their flavours tend to be more pronounced. 

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At Spirit Bear Coffee Company, our carefully crafted Eagle Medium Roast exemplifies the excellence of a medium roast. This blend is carefully crafted to deliver a bold and flavourful experience with every sip. It offers soaring flavour and superb strength to a full-bodied cup. B.lended from the finest Central and South American beans. The Eagle Medium Roast is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a coffee with depth and complexity.

Dark Coffee Roasts

Finally, we reach the realm of dark coffee roasts. Dark roasts are known for their shiny black appearance and oily surface. They have a prolonged roasting time, resulting in a pronounced bitterness and a dominant roasted flavour. Dark roasts exhibit low acidity and are often associated with flavour notes like chocolate or caramel. Popular names for dark roasts include French Roast, Italian Roast, and Espresso Roast.

At Spirit Bear Coffee Company, we take pride in our darker roasts. The Orca Dark Roast has an intense, rich flavour with a subtle, yet pleasing finish. This blend delivers a rich and intense coffee experience. Our dark roast is sure to satisfy the boldest of palates with its rich full-body flavour.

The Thunderbird Dark French Roast combines the richness of three varietals from Latin America. This creates a complex blend with a thunderous taste that is hard to match! With low acidity, this blend offers a bold chocolate, herbal sweetness and sharp spice intensity profile. 

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Whether you enjoy your coffee as an espresso shot or a strong black brew, the Raven Espresso Blend is the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts who crave a bold and robust flavour. Full of life and strength, our espresso has been created to deliver a ravenous flavour and a long finish. The Raven Espresso Blend offers rich, balanced notes of dark chocolate with a nutty & earthy crema after tone.

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The roast level of coffee beans plays a significant role in determining the flavour of the brewed coffee.Light roasts provide a bright and delicate experience, while medium roasts strike a balance between acidity and sweetness. Finally, dark roasts deliver a bold and robust experience.

At Spirit Bear Coffee Company, we are passionate about roasting the finest beans to perfection, ensuring that each cup of coffee provides a memorable taste adventure. We encourage you to explore the diverse range of roast levels and discover your personal preferences. Whether you enjoy the vibrant flavours of light roasts, the balanced complexity of medium roasts, or the bold intensity of dark roasts. Spirit Bear Coffee Company has a coffee blend to suit every preference. 

Visit our Coffee Collection to explore our exquisite selection and embark on a journey of coffee discovery. From our "Frog Breakfast Blend" to the "Eagle Medium Roast," and the "Orca Dark Roast" to the "Raven Espresso Blend," each of our coffee offerings is meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional taste experience. Join us on this flavourful adventure and elevate your coffee experience with Spirit Bear Coffee Company.

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