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Big Bear Bundle

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20oz Travel Mug (Color)
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Immerse in the rich traditions of Indigenous coffee and cuisine with our Big Bear Bundle. As a tribute to the Spirit Bear, this bundle symbolizes peace and harmony extended to all earth's creatures.

The Big Bear Bundle, an emblem of our love for Indigenous coffee and cuisine, includes:

  • 20oz Travel Mug: Enjoy your coffee anytime, anywhere with our classy, double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel travel mug. In addition, it features a transparent, spill-proof, twist-off lid for easy sipping.
  • 3 x 400g Coffee Blends: Enjoy three distinctive bags of our certified fair trade and organic coffee blends. You'll receive one bag each of our signature blends:
    • Orca Dark Roast for the bold taste enthusiasts.
    • Eagle Medium Roast for the perfect balance.
    • Frog Breakfast Blend for a smooth start to your day.
  • Wabanaki Maple Syrup Trio: Add a touch of sweetness to your table with this trio of 100ml bottles. It features Wabanaki's signature barrel-aged maple syrup in a variety of enticing flavours.
  • Mr. Bannock Classic Bannock Mix: Relish the taste of bannock, made from the ingredients used by Mr. Bannock's famous food truck.

The Big Bear Bundle unites the best of Indigenous coffee culture and culinary delights by providing the ultimate taste experience. Celebrate the Spirit Bear way with this beautiful bundle!

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