Tasting Notes

Raven Espresso

Full of life and strength, our espresso has been created to deliver a ravenous flavour and a long finish. A discerning flavour for those who appreciate good times and great coffee. Good body, low acidity, nut and chocolate roast taste.

Frog Breakfast Blend

A mild to medium intensity with a juicy, well-balanced sweetness, and clean finish. Jump-start your day with this incredibly smooth and flavourful coffee. Roasted lighter, this combination of Latin American coffees is a wise choice for your early morning cup.

Eagle Medium Roast

A mild to medium intensity with a juicy, balanced sweetness. Eagle brings soaring flavour and superb strength to a full bodied cup. Blended from the finest Central and South American beans. This delicious medium roast is our top pick for making a delicious cold brew coffee. Eagle's great taste is sure to satisfy.

Orca Dark Roast

Medium - bold intensity with a rustic sweetness, chocolate roast taste, slight herbal notes, with a touch of fruit and spice. Goodness is at the heart of this rich and nutty medium - dark roasted coffee. Orca has intense, rich flavour with a subtle, but pleasing finish.

Thunderbird Dark French

This coffee combines the richness of three varietals from Latin America to create a complex blend with a thunderous taste that is hard to match. Easy to drink black with a smooth mouth-feel and clean finish.

Dolphin Swiss Water Decaf

Free from caffeine, this harmonious blend combines the full flavours of Eastern Asia & Latin America into a single, joyfully-smooth cup. Decaf without sacrificing a full-bodied flavour.