Raven is everything a premium organic espresso should be. One bad bean can spoil the batch, which is why our roastmaster has spent over 30 years perfecting the roasting and blending process that is so critical to creating a masterful offering. (more…)



Meet breakfast’s new best friend! Frog is roasted on the lighter side for a smooth start to your day. However, don’t confuse light with weak, this organic and fairtrade blend of Central and South American beans is bursting with a juicy acidity, hints of citrus and a bright finish. Guaranteed to get you hopping! (more…)



Roasted just slightly past medium to bring out it’s full glory, this artisan blend is what some have referred to as “the best damn coffee they’ve ever had!” We agree. But you can’t make a great coffee without the best beans. That’s why our certified Q-grader selects only the best beans of the harvest from high-altitude farms in Central and South America. (more…)



Orca is the First Nations symbol of Good and goodness is what this bold, medium-dark coffee is all about. Rich and intense with notes of roasted nuts and a subtle finish. (more…)




Thunderbird is our darkest roast – not for the weak of heart. Roasted the way the French have done it for years, Thunderbird is a blend of organic, high-grown Arabica picked from some of the highest mountain farms. (more…)



Naturally Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water ® process, this harmonious blend of Eastern Asia and Latin American coffees delivers everything you expect from a great cup of coffee minus the caffeine of course! (more…)